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Reliable Single Phase Winches from Unique Group

Unique Group takes pride in its comprehensive range of single-phase winches made with avant-garde technology. Our lightweight electric winches can accommodate the configuration of different standard AGO winch add-ons, like drum ratchets, level-wind, sprocket-assisted manual backup drives, etc. The handpicked product range for single-phase winches at Unique Group includes the Romica DS83: Electric Winch (2.2kW), A.G.O. PID 02: Lightweight Electric Winch (1.5kW), and A.G.O. CSW -7VK: Lightweight Electric Winch (2.25kW). The Romica variety comes with internally mounted slip rings, through frame lifting slings, local and remote controls, and around 8.2mm armoured coaxial cables.

Perfect for medium-duty geophysics and oceanographic research applications, our single-phase winches are characterised by a welded aluminium tube frame with a drum placed in front of the gearbox stack and a vertically-positioned motor. A wide array of factors make our single-phase winches the best in the industry, including the following:

  • Ideal for load applications: The single-phase winches category in Unique Group is known for its efficiency. Our winches have a relatively lower centre of mass as compared to the CSW-6/7/9 classic winch, which makes it ideal for different high-load applications.
  • Clever design: Unlike the conventional CSW-7 classic design, the 7VK model has completely enclosed site safety requirements that ensure better safety from the elements for the drive train and motor components.
  • Extensive industry applications: The single-phase winches in our winches and deck equipment inventory can be used for CTD profiling, side scan sonar, rosette water sampling, and magnetometer towing. In addition, you can also deploy these winches for environmental and pipeline monitoring, towed instrument sleds, gradiometer systems, and sub-bottom profilers.

At Unique Group, our single-phase winches are the perfect mix of durability, flexibility, and safety. Need more information about our winches + deck equipment or want to get a quote for our single-phase winches? Contact our expert engineers now!