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Simple and Efficient Sampling Equipment from Unique Group

Unique Group understands the growing need for sampling equipment to carry out different sampling works. We provide high-quality and reliable survey equipment at reasonable prices. The products are developed using the latest technologies and adhere to the highest quality standards. 

The bottom sampler is the main product delivered under this category. Our sampling equipment is ideal for collecting sediment samples in marine and freshwater. From soft samples to medium-hard bottoms like gravel, sand, and more, everything can be collected using the equipment. At one time, the product is capable of collecting about 4.5 liters of the sample. Its depth capability is 500m. The extreme simplicity of the oceanographic and environmental survey equipment makes it more appealing to the users.  

Still, wondering why you should choose the sampling equipment of Unique Group? Consider the benefits listed below.

  • Simple Design: The sampling equipment comes with an extremely simple design. The basic design makes it easy to operate and increases the speed of operations. 
  • High-quality Material: The sampling equipment is made up of high-quality materials like stainless steel. It reduces the chances of contamination and increases the longevity of the equipment.
  • Collects Different Types of Sediment Samples: The equipment is ideal for collecting different sediment samples, from soft ones to medium-hard bottoms.
  • Competitive Prices: We provide all the sampling equipment at very competitive prices. The core aim is to make them readily accessible and available to users. 

Unique Group has a team of professionals who are dedicated to assisting customers to select the right sampling equipment for their work. We focus on ensuring the satisfaction of our valuable customers. Need to know more about the sampling equipment we offer or want a quote from us? Connect with our engineers today and get answers to all your queries.