Unique Group Day Grab: Bottom Sampler
Unique Group Day Grab: Bottom Sampler
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Unique Group Day Grab: Bottom Sampler

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Grabs are traditionally used for ‘ground-truthing’ and can offer a cost effective and quick solution to sample analysis. Our Day Grabs comprise of two stainless bucket sections which are mounted within a stainless-steel frame, making them ideal for accurate assessment of the chemical properties of seafloor sediments. The controlled contact and closure once on the seabed represent a great advantage over other types of sediment samplers and helps ensure sample disturbance is minimised.


Robust and reliable

Simple to operate

Supplied with deck stand




  • Stainless steel for reduced contamination
  • Adjustable weight up to 200kg
  • 0.1m² Sample Area
  • Bucket dimension : Width 34cm; Length 33cm; Depth17cm


Used for collecting sediment samples in fresh and marine water, from soft or medium-hard bottoms like sand, gravel etc for ground truthing site investigations.

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