Valeport SWiFT CTD: Profiler
Valeport SWiFT CTD: Profiler
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Valeport SWiFT CTD: Profiler

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Unique Group in collaboration with Valeport offers the SWiFT CTD profiler for dynamic applications requiring CTD measurements. It works seamlessly with bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries to get the work done. It is a reliable solution for measuring depth, conductivity, salinity and temperature.


Survey grade sensor technology with Bluetooth connectivity.

Fitted with conductivity sensor, temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure transducer.

Excellent battery life offering upto 5 days of operation.

Instant data sharing through convenient connection using android, ios and PC based application software.

CTD sensors housed in a strong acetal protective cage.


Temperature range: -5°C to +35°C

Temperature resolution: 0.001°C

Temperature accuracy: ±0.01°C

Communication: USB and Bluetooth.

Pressure: 50 bar.


Oceanographic application

Surveying of water bodies

Educational studies

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