Valeport uvSVX: Sound Velocity Profiler
Valeport uvSVX: Sound Velocity Profiler
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Valeport uvSVX: Sound Velocity Profiler

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Designed for underwater vehicles where space is at a premium, the compact uvSVX features Valeport’s ‘Time of Flight’ technology that delivers SVP with calculated salinity and density data.


Aimed primarily at the underwater vehicle market, the uvSVX is a compact direct reading instrument that outputs a selectable, fixed data string at up to 64Hz of Sound Velocity, Temperature, Depth and optionally, Salinity and Density calculated with Valeport’s proprietary DASH formula. High accuracy data is assured with the added bonus of Valeport’s unique interchangeable pressure module that allows customers to maximise operational specific depth requirements. This innovative pressure module, with integral calibration, can be changed in a couple of minutes without opening the instrument.




Sound Velocity

Range   1375 – 1900m/s
Resolution       0.001m/s
Accuracy        ±0.02m/s


Range             -5°C to +35°C
Resolution    0.001°C
Accuracy       ±0.01°C

Interchangeable Pressure Sensor Module

Range            10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 & 600 Bar
Resolution   0.001% range
Accuracy      ±0.01% range
Units              dBar (default option) | Meters | Feet

Calculated Parameters and Accuracies

Calculations based on Valeport’s proprietary DASH formula

Salinity       ±0.05 PSU
Density       ±0.05 kg/m³


Ideal for installation on smaller ROV’s where space is at a premium

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