Valeport MIDAS Bathy2: Bathymetry System
Valeport MIDAS Bathy2: Bathymetry System
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Valeport MIDAS Bathy2: Bathymetry System

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An enhancement of the popular Midas BathyPack, the new Bathy2 uses state-of-the-art sensors to generate Sound Velocity and Density profiles for precision depth and height data.

This new instrument brings together the benefits of density corrected output directly from one instrument, alongside the flexibility of third-party pressure sensor input and Valeport interchangeable pressure modules to allow users enhanced accuracy at different depths.


The simple top-end PC software, BathyLog, allows all profile data to be used to monitor and correct multiple miniIPS pressure sensors, giving you the complete picture with one integrated sensor suite.

Designed for easy deployment


Materials: Titanium housing, polyurethane, composite and poly-carbonate sensor components

Depth rating: 6000 m (titanium)

Instrument size: 88mm x 425mm long

Weight: 6 kg

External Power: 12 – 30v DC


Suitable for marine researchers to conduct surveys

Multi-parameter CTD

Ideal for shallow water surveys

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