Teledyne PSA-916: Programmable Sonar Altimeter
Teledyne PSA-916: Programmable Sonar Altimeter
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Teledyne PSA-916: Programmable Sonar Altimeter

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The Teledyne PSA-916 Programmable Sonar Altimeter is a low-cost, lightweight altimeter designed for a wide range of marine applications. It provides high-resolution altitude/range data via a direct serial interface. Currents and other forces can cause sediment to shift, changing the shape of the sea floor.


Compact size and weight allows for integration with the smallest ROVs or marine sensors

Simultaneous analog and digital outputs provide altitude/range data

Electronically isolated to eliminate any potential signal interference with host instrument sensors

6000 meter depth

Low cost


Operating frequency: 200 kHz (Nominal)

Beam width: 14° conical typical

Pulse length: 250 ms standard

Repetition rates: 5 PPS or external

Range: 100 m full scale


ROV/instruments altitude measurement

Bridge scour studies

Obstacle avoidance

Sediment transfer studies

Docking assistance for ships.

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