Valeport MIDAS SVX2: Combined CTD/SVP Unit
Valeport MIDAS SVX2: Combined CTD/SVP Unit
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Valeport MIDAS SVX2: Combined CTD/SVP Unit

Unique Group offers Valeport’s MIDAS SVX2, which recognising the conflict faced by users requiring the superior sound velocity data from an SVP, but still needing the salinity and density data from a CTD, the Midas SVX2 combines both technologies to give the best of both worlds.


Fitted with Valeport’s digital sound velocity sensor, high stability conductivity sensor, high accuracy temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure transducer, and fast response PRT temperature sensor.

The instrument will operate autonomously, with setup and data extraction performed by direct communications with PC before and after deployment.

Consequently all data is sampled at precisely the same instant, giving superior quality profile data.


Sound velocity range: 1375 – 1900 m/s

Sound velocity resolution: 0.001 m/s

Sound velocity accuracy: ±0.02 m/s

Conductivity range: 0 – 80 mS/cm

Temperature range: -5°C to +35°C


Offshore oil and gas industry

Oceanographic survey

Environmental survey

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