Tritech Super SeaKing: 704 Bathymetry
Tritech Super SeaKing: 704 Bathymetry
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Tritech Super SeaKing: 704 Bathymetry


The Tritech SeaKing Bathymetric system comprises up to four high resolution sensors a depth sensor, conductivity probe, temperature probe and the PA500 altimeter. Two standard configurations are available, either as a pressure only package (SeaKing 701) or as a pressure, conductivity and temperature package (SeaKing 704).


Configurable design and integrated compact unit

Seamlessly combine with SeaKing network

Real-time monitoring of conductivity

Real-time monitoring of temperature

700m to 4000m depth ratings available


Weight in air: SSK 701 series – 3.50kg / 7.72lbs, SSK 704 series – 4.05kg / 8.93lbs
Weight in water: SSK 701 series – 1.50kg / 3.31lbs, SSK 704 series – 1.65kg / 3.64lbs

Frequency: 500 kHz

Beamwidth: 6° conical

Range: 0.3 to 50 m


Pipeline survey

Site and route surveys

Echosounder surveys.

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