Valeport VRS-20: Radar Level Sensor
Valeport VRS-20: Radar Level Sensor
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Valeport VRS-20: Radar Level Sensor

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The Valeport VRS-20 is a pulsed k-band radar level sensor developed to work seamlessly with the Valeport TideMaster, operate standalone with optional integrated GPRS telemetry to the internet, or interface directly to a third party data logger or PC.


IP67 housing.

Versatile and simple to install.

Non-contact technology removes the installation, corrosion & fouling issues of submerged sensors, while simplifying datum control.

Accuracy and performance are unaffected by changes in water density and atmospheric conditions.


Minimum Range: 0.8 m

Maximum Range: 20 m

Beam Angle: ±6°

Frequency: 25 GHz

Accuracy: ±10 mm


Records water level in fresh or saltwater.

Oceanographic survey

Meteorological survey

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