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Eliminate Corrosion with Unique Group’s Corrosion Services for Inspection Repair & Maintenance

Unique Group offers inspection repair and maintenance for eliminating corrosion in hard-to-reach areas. Ranging from the high-strength adhesive that can quickly bond thermoplastic materials without pre-treating clean surfaces to I-Rod Clip for eliminating service corrosions in pipe shoes, cradles, and saddle clamp supports, our extensive product range is reliable for those seeking corrosion services. Our I-Rod has high-compressive strength, and it can eliminate corrosion under pipe support.

Some of our most sought products include I-Rod® Adhesive™, material, Retrobuoy, and clip for deepwater applications. You can find high-strength thermoplastic rods in our inventory in a half-round shape that allows moisture to evaporate. The clever design offers an electrically isolated stand-off between the supporting beam and pipe while providing excellent compressive strength with a low friction coefficient. Still, thinking about what makes our corrosion services the best? Here you go! 

  • Low installation cost: All our products are designed to offer the lowest installation cost. Also, the products come within a cost-effective price range at a competitive price point. 
  • Great design: Most products are designed to be compact and lightweight with high-quality attributes. For instance, the activated titanium electrodes with mixed-metal-oxide in the Deepwater Retrobuoy facilitate the anode sled to be functioning at an exceptionally high output current. 
  • Industry-wide applications: Our inspection repair and maintenance equipment used for corrosion services can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether in large offshore structures with harsh oceanic conditions and unstable sea floors to cathodic protection anode systems for massive structures, our corrosion services equipment can protect a wide range of hulls as well as moorings of SPAR and FPSOs. 

In addition, we also offer around-the-clock support, so that our customers can reach out 24/7 without any hiccups. Want to get a quote or need more details about our corrosion services? Contact us now!