Deepwater: I-Rod® Clip
Deepwater: I-Rod® Clip
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Deepwater: I-Rod® Clip


Unique Group offers the I-Rod® Clip, which are made from the same I-Rod® that was originally developed for I-beam style supports. The I-Rod® Clip attaches to new or existing saddle clamp-style supports, eliminating crevice corrosion.


It has high compressive strength and is subject to very little creep over time.

Can last up to 20 years in the field.

The half-round shape allows moisture to evaporate, eliminating the crevice.


New Grinnell and cradle-style supports can also be easily fitted with I-Rod Clips.

I-Rod Clips can be made from one of three materials. For higher continuous operating temperatures, I-Rod HT or PEEK can be substituted for the regularI-Rod thermoplastic.


Pipe shoes


Saddle clamp supports

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