Deepwater: Retrobuoy™
Deepwater: Retrobuoy™
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Deepwater: Retrobuoy™


Retrobuoy™ is a high-capacity impressed-current cathodic protection system, designed primarily as a retrofit for existing structures. It utilises impressed-current titanium-anode rods housed in buoyant floats. This configuration keeps the anodes in constant contact with seawater, maximising the efficiency of the cathodic protection.


Provides the lowest installed cost per ampere/year of any CP system available.

The compact size and remote location of the RetroBuoy™ on the seabed simplifies the installation procedure and increases the cost-effectiveness of the retrofit.

Mixed-metal-oxide-activated titanium electrodes allow the anode sled to be operated at a very high current output.

Routing the ICCP system cable can be done in a variety of ways depending on project needs.

The oil-filled, pressure-compensated electrical junction box that houses the electrode cables allows the system to operate efficiently at any depth.


Each RetroBuoy™ can put out up to 500 amps of cathodic protection current, enough to protect 80,000 sq. ft of steel.

Each anode float contains three mixed-metal oxide anodes.

Powered by a TR on the surface.

All cables are double-armored single conductors.


Large offshore structures in harsh oceanic conditions with an unstable sea floor.

Used to protect the hulls and moorings of FPSOs and SPAR structures.

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) anode system for large structures.

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