Deepwater: I-Rod® Material
Deepwater: I-Rod® Material
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Deepwater: I-Rod® Material


I-Rod® material has high compressive strength and is subject to very little creep over time, so it can last up to 20 years in the field. The half-round I-Rod® material is supplied in lengths, or cut-and drilled to fit any size Pipe U-Bolt.


High-strength thermoplastic rod.

The half-round shape allows moisture to evaporate, eliminating the crevice.

Provides an electrically isolated stand-off between pipe and supporting beam, allowing easy maintenance and inspection.

Provides excellent compressive strength and has a low friction coefficient.

Assists in pipe fitting when used as a beam dressing, and reduces coating damage during new construction.


There are three different diameter sizes for I-Rod® (0.75 in, 1 in, and 1.5 in).

There is a high temperature version (I-Rod HT) and PEEK (unfilled) for harsher conditions.

Operating temperature: -166° F to 480° F.

Available in 5 ft or 10 ft lengths.


Eliminates corrosion under pipe supports

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