Single Beam Echosounder Transducers



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Unique Group’s Innovative Single Beam Echosounder Transducers for Reliable Results

At Unique Group, we understand the importance of using high-quality equipment for your subsea projects. Hence, we offer a wide range of single-beam echosounder transducers like Neptune 340 series: Dual Frequency Transducers, Neptune 76 Series: Dual Frequency Transducers, Neptune Model 395 Series: Single Beam Transducers, Neptune T335: Low-Frequency Transducers and many more that work for different types of marine applications. Our transducers are compatible with various echo sounders so you can pair them with your existing equipment to obtain reliable results.

Our range of survey equipment for hydrography projects is suitable for commercial and professional use in a wide variety of marine settings. You can use our single-beam echosounder transducers for fishing, surveying, and navigation. In addition, we have products suitable for sub-bottom profilers and sea chests.

These cutting-edge products are perfect for hydrography applications because of their versatile designs and high-performance features. You can browse through our range of dual-frequency transducers, single-beam transducers, low-frequency transducers, and 12kHz transducers for different projects. Our products are available for sale, ex-rental sale, and rentals.

The Unique Group is the leading provider of innovative single-beam echosounder transducers with best-in-class features. Our portfolio of survey equipment is in a class of its own, delivering matchless performance in various settings. Here are the benefits you can expect when you invest in our high-quality products:

  • High-Precision Performance: Our products are geared to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and precision, helping you achieve unrivalled performance in critical settings.
  • Durable Designs: Our products are robust and long-lasting, delivering cost-effective results with minimal upkeep.
  • Flexible and Versatile: We have single-beam echosounder transducers for various frequencies and depth levels. You can browse our range to find compatible transducers for your existing equipment.

The Unique Group has built strong industry partnerships to curate the most innovative survey solutions for a variety of hydrographic projects. Contact our team today to discuss your project characteristics and find high-quality equipment to fit your needs.