Neptune Model 60  12kHz Transducer
Neptune Model 60  12kHz Transducer
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Neptune Model 60 12kHz Transducer

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The Model 60 range of transducers  are  high performance, transducers offering a versatile sounding system with high resolution and
excellent range performance. The T198 transducer is a high power, long range directional array operating at 12 kHz and the T196 and T197 also have high frequency elements (210kHz and 200kHz respectively).


Low side lobes

Long range echo sounder

Towed body capability

Fully over-moulded


Resonant LF frequency: 12 kHz

Model 60  T198 = 12kHz

Model 60  T196 = 12kHz & 210 kHz

Model 60  T197 = 12kHz & 200 kHz

Cable length: 10 metres standard (Additional lengths supplied to order)

Cable type: Polyurethane 12mm, 4 core screened

Storage temperature: -40 to +80 ºC

Operating temperature: -5 to +70 ºC




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