Neptune T335: Low Frequency Transducer
Neptune T335: Low Frequency Transducer
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Neptune T335: Low Frequency Transducer

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Unique Group offers Neptune T335 Transducer which is a single piston transducer offering a high power, broad band performance at an affordable price and totally replaced the older Massa 3.5khz transducers. They are now the OEM transducer of choice for many leading manufacturers of Sub Bottom Profilers.


3.0 Khz Broadband projector

High power and high performance

Directional beam pattern

Long range transmission

Low cost


Resonant frequency: 3.0 kHz

Useful frequency band: 2 kHz to 8 kHz

Beam pattern: 90 degrees

Nominal impedance: 220 Ohms

Input power max: 750 Watts


Used in many sub bottom profilers such as Knudsen 3260, Geoacoustic Pingers etc.

Often fitted in sea chests firing through the hull of the survey vessel

2 x 2, 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 arrays are common.

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