Ballast Water Treatment



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High-Quality Ballast Water Treatment System from Unique Group

Unique Group offers reliable and cost-effective ballast water treatment systems to customers. Our merchant marine solutions are developed to meet the requirements of different customers and ensure the delivery of the highest standard survey equipment. The ballast water treatment products are US Coast Guard and IMO approved. So, you can rest assured of the reliability and performance of our winches and deck equipment.

Under this category, the products we provide include Bawat: Ballast Water Management System and Bawat: Portable Ballast Water Management System. The equipment leverages a patented heat-based technology to ensure the effective and efficient elimination of living organisms through the pasteurisation process. The core aim is to maintain an ecological balance in the oceans and ports. Our ballast water treatment systems are ideal for container ships, heavy lift vessels, barges, and cruise ships. They can also be used in yachts, ferries, shipyards, terminals, and ports. 

Our ballast water treatment systems are the best in the industry for a reason. Some of the benefits are listed below. Here you go!

  • No Chemicals: The ballast water treatment systems do not require any chemicals, filters, consumables, or UV. It is safe for the operators and the environment.
  • 4 in-voyage Treatment Options: The equipment provides the users with the flexibility to choose between the 4 in-voyage treatment options. The four options include ballasting in-line treatment, circulation treatment, tank-to-tank treatment, and de-ballasting in-line treatment. 
  • Easy to Maintain: As only standard marine components are used, the ballast water treatment system is easy to maintain.
  • Better Monitoring and Documentation: The control system allows the crew to easily monitor and document whether the treatment of the ballast water is done or not. 

At Unique Group, we are dedicated to providing quick customer support and services. Need more information about our surface vessel equipment or ballast water treatment system? Connect with our engineers today!