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Durable Gloves from Unique Group

Unique Group understands the need for gloves as an important diving gear for diverse diving operations. We provide reliable personal diving equipment that is designed to meet the strictest standards of safety and quality. Our general diving equipment can be tailored to cater to the unique requirements of customers. Satisfying our valuable customers is at the core of all we do.

We offer gloves for diving with two options: dry gloves and protective gloves. The dry gloves are polymer gloves that come with separate thermal fleece liners. They are suitable for being used with latex seals to ensure dry hands while diving. The dry gloves are ideal for commercial diving operations. The protective gloves are made up of nylon yarn and glass fibre. These gloves can provide extreme resistance against burns and cuts. The protective gloves are ideal for stamping, cutting lightly oiled or small dry parts, and handling metal or glass sheets.

Still thinking about the reasons to opt for the gloves of Unique Group? Consider the prominent reasons listed below.

  • Durable: The dry gloves come with durable textured synthetic outer. They are cut, puncture, and chemical resistant.
  • Simple: Our gloves are quite simple and easy to use. They are also comfortable for divers.
  • Diverse Applications: The gloves are suitable for several applications like commercial diving, pre-assembling, maintenance, handling glass sheets, stamping, and cutting lightly oiled or small dry parts.
  • Affordable: The gloves are affordable. The aim is to make diving life support equipment easily available to professional divers. 

At Unique Group, we have a team of diving specialists with extensive industry knowledge and experience. Our specialists are ready to help customers and answer all their queries. Require more information about our products? Contact our engineers today and make the right selection.