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Safe and High-quality Flow + Current Meters from the Unique Group

Flow and current metres are essential tools for measuring the speed and direction of water flow in oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water. They are used in various applications such as environmental monitoring, hydrographic surveys, and scientific research. At Unique Group, we offer a wide range of flow and current metres from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Some of our bestselling products in the Flow + Current Meters category include Nortek: Aquadopp® 6000 Current Meter, Teledyne StreamPro: Shallow Streamflow Measurement System, Valeport 801: Electromagnetic Flow Metres, Valeport 803: ROV Current Meter, Valeport M002: Flow Metre, and Valeport Model 106: Current Metre.

The Valeport Model 801 Electromagnetic Flow Metres provide exceptionally accurate measurements of water flow in open channel conditions. There are two different types of sensors available to meet various application needs, but both provide outstanding endurance and trustworthy data and may be used in both pure water and unclean or challenging situations. On the other hand, the Tledy StreamPro ADCP helps in the measurement of discharge and velocity in streams from 15-20 cm deep. By using StreamPro’s bottom tracking feature, it is possible to move constantly across the stream and measure the discharge in two or three minutes as opposed to thirty to an hour when utilising the more time-consuming point-by-point method.

  • Accurate measurement: You can precisely study currents with a full ocean-depth single-point current metre. 
  • Industry-wide applications: Our range of Flow + Current Metres can be used in the study of deep-water currents, and tidal currents and as an alternative to traditional current metres that show errors due to fouling. You can attach them to mooring lines to measure unaffected currents from any physical structures. You can also use the devices for near-bed current measurements from landers. 
  • High-quality built: All our products are made using high-quality materials like the Nortek Current metre made from titanium housing.

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