Nortek: Aquadopp® 6000 Current Meter
Nortek: Aquadopp® 6000 Current Meter
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Nortek: Aquadopp® 6000 Current Meter

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With all the features and capabilities of the standard Aquadopp, the deepwater Aquadopp 6000 m current meter has been used and proven by oceanographers around the world for almost 20 years. Thanks to innovative data diagnostic features for challenging environments, it provides exceptionally high-quality 3D currents in a form factor that is easy to install in any type of mooring line configuration, or simply attached to a bottom or surface platform. Raw magnetometer data can be stored for post calibration of compass when used without the inductive modem option


Full ocean-depth single-point current meter

Titanium housing

Diagnostics mode for mooring performance evaluation




Maximum profiling range N/A
Cell size 0.75 m
Minimum blanking 0.50 m
Maximum number of cells 1
Measurement cell position 0.5-5.0 m (user-selectable)
Default position (along beam) 0.50-2.0 m
Velocity range ±5 m/s
Accuracy ±1% of measured value ±0.5 cm/s
Velocity precision Consult instrument software
Maximum sampling rate(output) 1 Hz
Internal sampling rate 23 Hz


Studies of deep-water currents

Studies of tidal currents

Attached to mooring lines

Measurements of unaffected currents from physical structures

In conjunction with riser monitoring systems

Alternative to conventional current meters with errors due to fouling

Combination of currents and high-accuracy CTD data

Near-bed current measurements from landers

Deep ocean mining support

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