Valeport 801: Electromagnetic Flow Meters
Valeport 801: Electromagnetic Flow Meters
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Valeport 801: Electromagnetic Flow Meters

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The Valeport Model 801 Electromagnetic Flow Meters measure the speed of water in open channel environments with exceptional accuracy. Two sensor types are available to suit different application requirements but both offer excellent durability, reliable accurate data and are suitable for use in clean water and dirty or difficult environments.


Bi-directional range of 5m/sec.

Rugged, simple in operation.

High accuracy and reliable performance.

Flat EM Sensor for use in very shallow water.

Systems with 2m, 5m or 12m sensor cables available.


Range: -5m/s to +5m/s

Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading plus 5mm/s

Drift: <5mm/s

Sensing Volume: Sphere of approx 12cm diameter around sensor

Minimum Depth: 15cm


Surveying of water bodies

Oceanographic and environmental monitoring

River and stream gauging.

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