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Top-Quality Dry Suits from Unique Group for Superb Comfort

Unique Group offers an extensive range of dry suits for professional divers at competitive prices. We have been in the subsea engineering industry for years and focus on delivering high-quality personal diving equipment. Our experienced engineers leverage modern technologies to develop the best general diving equipment that meets global quality and safety standards. The affordable pricing of our diving life support equipment sets up apart in the industry. 

Our dry suits product range include Origin dry suit, Thor drysuit, ballistic dry suit, commercial dry suit, latex hood, turbo rubber hood, and more. The Origin dry suit is made up of 6.5mm XO grade neoprene and has a callous Armourtex outer shell that guarantees extended durability. The Thor dry suit is made up of vulcanized rubber and has vulcanized laminated polymers. The ballistic dry suit is built from a nylon Tri-laminate material. The latex hood is permanently attached to a hood through a Latex neck seal. It provides a basic level of protection to the divers while diving in the contaminated waters. All our dry suits are ideal for commercial diving operations. 

Still wondering what makes our dry suits the best? Consider the top benefits listed below.

  • High-Quality Materials: The dry suits are made up of high-quality materials. So they are reliable and will last longer.
  • Better Protection: The Origin dry suit is designed to provide superior protection to the shoulders, knees, and elbows. 
  • Easy to Wear: Our dry suits are easy to wear and offer optimum protection to the divers.
  • Lightweight: The dry suits are light in weight to enable the divers to feel comfortable during the subsea explorations.

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