Viking Haztech: Commercial Hot Water Suit
Viking Haztech: Commercial Hot Water Suit
Diving + Life Support

Viking Haztech: Commercial Hot Water Suit


Unique Group offers the Commercial Hot Water Suit, which is non-compressible and more stable than the traditional neoprene suits. These suits are made from black woven nylon with a red, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) exterior with high frequency welded seams for maximum strength and safety and heat applied internal seam tape. It features an internal rubber tube with holes that sprays hot water at the diver.


It is a lightweight and robust suit developed for diving in hazardous and contaminated water conditions

Can be cleaned easily and has a smooth exterior finish

Features black welded reinforcements applied to the shoulder area and elbows and embossed knee pads welded above and below the knees

Includes zipper protection and front pockets


Material Weight: VSN 1100 g/m2

Max W.P.: 40 bar

Certification: EN 14225-3:20005


Used by divers in hazardous commercial diving operations

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