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Meteorology Equipment for Oceanographic and Environmental Survey at Unique Group

Unique Group offers a range of high-quality meteorology equipment for various applications including oceanographic and environmental surveys. Our meteorology equipment is designed to measure and monitor multiple weather parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, and humidity. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable weather data, and our products are designed to deliver just that. Some of our most-sought meteorology equipment include Gill MetPak™ Pro: Weather Station, Vaisala PTB330: Digital Barometer, Gill WindMaster: 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer, Gill WindObserver II: Ultrasonic Anemometer.

The 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer from Unique Group and Gill provides three-axis wind measuring information. This device can measure wind speeds between 0 and 50 m/s and outputs sonic temperature, sound speed, and U, V, and W vectors at a frequency of 20 Hz (32 Hz is an option). The MetPak Pro Weather Station can connect up to four external measuring devices and monitor the most crucial weather parameters. On the other hand, the WindObserver II from Unique Group is an ultrasonic anemometer, used in maritime and offshore applications. It has an IP66-rated stainless steel casing, one digital output, and three alternative analog outputs for providing wind speed and direction data.

  • Extensive features: All our products are known for their industry-grade features. For instance, the PTB330 Digital Barometer was created to record precise barometric pressure measurements under the most challenging circumstances. The PTB330 combines minimal hysteresis, long-term stability, and outstanding precision with absolute pressure measurement.
  • Wide applications: Our meteorology equipment can be used for road and rail tunnels/transport safety. They are built with control structural safety for ports and harbours and this meteorology equipment also finds applications in dynamic positioning systems of marine vessels.
  • Safety: All the meteorology equipment in our inventory is designed using the latest industry standards, so they are as safe as they come.

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