Gill WindMaster: 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer
Gill WindMaster: 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer
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Gill WindMaster: 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer


Unique Group, in collaboration with Gill, offers the 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer which offers three-axis wind measurement data. This instrument will monitor wind speeds of 0-50 m/s and provides sonic temperature, speed of sound and U, V & W vector outputs at 20Hz (32Hz optional).


High quality 3-axis (3D) measurements up to 65m/s (234 km/h) dependent on model

Data reporting up to 20 Hz with option up to 32Hz

12 bit digital data with options for 14 bit digital or analogue outputs

Robust design and construction

Multiple mechanical designs support a range of applications


Wind speed range: 0-50 m/s.

Wind speed accuracy*: <1.5% RMS @ 12 m/s.

Wind Speed accuracy*: <1.0% RMS @ 12 m/s (custom).

Wind speed resolution: 0.01 m/s.

Wind direction range: 0-359?.


Wind energy site survey, meteorological and flux measurement sites

Military data collection and product development

Integration into high accuracy OEM scientific products

Scientific data collection, and control information on unmanned marine vessels

Measurement of air turbulence: around bridges, buildings etc.

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