Vaisala PTB330: Digital Barometer
Vaisala PTB330: Digital Barometer
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Vaisala PTB330: Digital Barometer


Unique Group, in collaboration with Vaisala, offers the PTB330 Digital Barometer which is designed to capture accurate barometric pressure readings under the harshest of conditions. The PTB330 combines absolute pressure measurement and exceptional accuracy with low hysteresis and long-term stability.


Current and historical data capture

High measurement accuracy and excellent long-term stability

Installation versatility and maintenance ease

Flexible data communication

Two alternative accuracy classes, including Class A accuracy for the most demanding applications such as barometric reference, and Class B accuracy for more conventional use.


Pressure range: 500 – 1100 hPa, 50 – 1100 hPa.

Operating temperature range: -40 to +60 ?C (-40 to +140 ?F)

Weight: 1-1.5 kg.

Supply Voltage: 10 – 35 VDC.

Serial I/O: RS232C, RS485/422.


Professional meteorology laboratories

Aviation industry

Applications where high-end atmospheric pressure measurements are required

Industrial projects

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