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Discover Specialized Boats from the Unique Group for Diving Life Support

The Unique Group offers a complete range of specialized boats for divers. These boats are suitable for rescuing divers from the main boat or their diving systems. They can safely evacuate to save lives and provide life support to the evacuated divers. 

The Unique Group specializes in high-quality diving life support equipment to ensure safety and high-performance execution during subsea expeditions. This portfolio consists of specialized boats that leverage the latest innovations in technology to rescue divers safely. This category consists of different variants of self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHL). The three models available in this range are the UG 1300 SPHL, UG 950 SPHL, and UG 1050 SPHL. They are suitable for emergencies when the main boat experiences an accident in the sea and requires immediate assistance. These specialized boats can rescue divers and provide them with quick support. 

Unique Group is the trusted manufacturer for procuring high-quality SPHLs. Here are the benefits you can leverage with our state-of-the-art diving life support solutions:

  • Equipped with Ancillary Systems: Our SPHLs come with ancillary equipment. They have functional engines, generators, and crew facilities to ensure seamless evacuation. In addition, they have full-fledged life support systems to save the divers’ lives once they are brought on board.
  • Adequate Survival Capacity: Each of our specialized boats has a survival capacity of seventy-two hours, providing ample time for saving the rescued divers. As a result, it can help save more lives in dangerous situations.
  • Durable and Safe: Our boats are designed to survive difficult situations and ensure the safe evacuation of divers in danger. The equipment is durable and safe, offering adequate protection from the forces of nature.

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