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High-Performance Boomer Seismic Sound Source for Precise Geophysical Surveying

Unique Group offers a diverse range of sub-bottom profilers, including boomers for precise geographical surveying. Our flagship product, the Applied Acoustic AA251 & AA301: Boomer Seismic Sound Source is ideal for professionals who require accurate data for their marine projects. Our boomer plates emit seismic sound sources that produce a repeatable sharp pulse from a floating position on the surface of the sea. The AA301 boomers are designed for higher power applications, whereas the AA251 boomers can be deployed on either a roust CAT200 or CAT100 catamaran.

The best part about our boomers is their cutting-edge features. They have a stable pulse shape with minimum reverberation and are supplied with locking collars as well as RMK connectors. The durable mechanical design comes with a lightweight frame, and the products are equipped with a wide array of pros, including:

  • Precise Surveying: The Applied Acoustic AA251 & AA301: Boomer Seismic Sound Source is designed to provide precise surveying results. It emits a high-energy acoustic signal that can penetrate the seafloor, allowing professionals to gather information about sub-bottom structures, sediment thickness, and more. The Boomer Seismic Sound Source is ideal for different applications, including site surveys, pipeline route surveys, and geohazard assessments.
  • Easy to Use: The Boomer Seismic Sound Source is easy to use and can be deployed quickly. It is designed to operate in a range of water depths, making it suitable for use in shallow and deep-water environments.
  • Extensive industry applications: Our range of boomers can be used for a wide array of geophysical survey applications including shallow water and nearshore surveys, coastal surveys, hydrographic sediment investigation, and cable and pipeline route surveys. 

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