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High-Accuracy Motion Sensors from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a complete range of motion sensors to be used in various industries. The oceans and seas constitute a world that is yet to be explored. We provide high-quality surface vessel equipment to the surveyors and enable them to explore new depths and reach new heights of success. Our motion sensors are also aimed toward the same. Being in the industry for years, we deliver top-notch products for seamless explorations and surveys.

The products we offer in this category are attitude and positioning systems, dynamic motion sensors, and marine sensors. The attitude and positioning system provides features like precise position and heading, remote lever arm, position accuracy up to 1cm, and more. This survey equipment is suitable for shipping channel surveys, hydrographic surveys, marine laser scan surveys, offshore environmental surveys, and bridge and dam inspections. The marine motion sensor comes with a calibration certificate and is ideal for the structural monitoring of large vessels and offshore platforms. The dynamic motion sensor is specifically suitable for the motion measurement requirements of the marine industry.

Still, wondering what makes our motion sensors the best? Consider the top benefits listed below.

  • Small Size: The motion sensors of Unique Group are small in size and light in weight. It is quite convenient to be carried to the survey location.
  • Low Power Consumption: Our motion sensors also require less power. As a result, it can continue functioning for longer periods.
  • High Accuracy: The data provided by our survey equipment are highly accurate and reliable. 
  • Individually Tested and Calibrated: The motion sensors are individually tested and calibrated to ensure optimum performance. 

Do you still have more queries relating to the motion sensors offered by Unique Group? If yes, connect with our motion sensor specialists today and get the right information about our products. We are delighted to help!