SMC IMU-108: Motion Sensor
SMC IMU-108: Motion Sensor
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SMC IMU-108: Motion Sensor

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The IMU-108 provides high accuracy motion measurement data in dynamic environment in all areas from small vessels to large rigs in all weather conditions


Available as IP66 surface or IP68 submersible versions in a titanium casing

The Motion Sensor data is suitable for any marine operation that requires attitude determination, motion compensation or dynamic positioning.

Individually calibrated and tested, in a calibration machine with a controlled temperature chamber in temperatures between 0 and +55 degrees Celsius

Supplied with a data distribution unit, cables and windows-based user configuration software.




Dimensions: Ø134 x 127 mm excel connector

Weight: 1.5 kg

Temperature: 20° to +65° Celsius

Storage Temperature: 40° to +65°Celsius

MTBF (computed): 50000 hours


Ideal for active heave crane systems

Can be used in dynamic positioning systems

Can be used for helideck monitoring

Suitable for various roll,pitch and heave motion applications.

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