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Easy-to-Use Buoyancy Compensators from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a complete range of buoyancy compensators for professional divers. We specialize in developing top-quality personal diving equipment to enable divers to explore the new depths of seas and oceans. Our buoyancy compensators used in general diving are developed with special attention to the strictest safety and quality standards. We leverage the best-in-class technologies to develop our diving life support systems and cater to the requirements of customers.

Our complete range of buoyancy compensators include Aqualung Wave: Buoyancy Compensator, Poseidon Deep: Regulator Xstream, SCUBAPRO Wing System with Harness: Buoyancy Compensator, and SeaQuest Black Diamond Wing, Buoyancy Compensator. The buoyancy compensators have a wrap-around jacket style and are comfortable to wear. They help in fine-tuning the buoyancy underwater and find use in commercial diving operations. The regulator Xstream is US Navy-tested and comes with built-in anti-freeze protection and a balanced diaphragm. The maximum working pressure of the equipment is 300 bar. It is designed for long dive times and can withstand demanding training programs and severe depths. It is also ideal for deep sea diving. 

Our buoyancy compensators are known to be the best for a reason. Go through the top reasons listed below.

  • Available in Different Sizes: The buoyancy compensators come in different sizes including 3Xs and 2Xs. So, depending on the appropriate fitting of the divers, they can make the right choice.
  • Durable: Our products are made from the best quality materials to ensure improved durability. They are ideal for all types of adventures.
  • Affordable: The buoyancy compensators are cost-effective. Divers can easily access our affordable products.
  • Diverse Applications: The buoyancy compensators are ideal for marine surveys, scuba diving, and commercial diving operations.

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