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Poseidon Deep: Regulator Xstream

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Unique Group supplies the Poseidon DEEP, a top-of-the-line regulator that is part of the Extreme Range NORSOK U101 which has a 200m approval. It is US Navy tested and features balanced diaphram, built-in anti freeze protection, and has a working pressure of 300bar.


This regulator features a balanced diaphragm, built-in anti-freeze protection, and has a maximum working pressure of 300bar.

Tested to 200m by the US Navy and meets the requirements of MIL-PRF-39012 E.

The Extreme Range NORSOK U101 POSEIDON DEEP regulator is US Navy tested and is the latest regulator in the Poseidon range.

A working pressure of 300bar

They can withstand demanding training programs, long dive times, and severe depths.


Trimix: Yes (max 21% oxygen)

Nitrox 50%: No

Oxygen (99,95%): No

Oxygen Approved (EN738-1): No

O-rings: Nitril/EPDM


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