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Efficient electrical equipment for general and commercial diving from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a wide range of top-notch electrical equipment to be used in different marine environments. Our proficient and knowledgeable engineers develop general diving equipment that meets the highest standards of safety and quality in the industry. We embrace sustainability within our operations and focus on satisfying the unique needs of the customers. 

Under the electrical equipment category, the products we offer include a fire detection sensor, dive data logging system, diver monitoring system, diver hat light & camera controller, LARS load monitoring system, and more. The fire detection system is ideal for use as a general-purpose smoke detector. It is used in marine environments for fire safety and detection. It can provide you with early warning of fire in white and black smoke. 

The dive data logging system is a tool that helps in the collection of dive data logs. It can automatically record the temperature and depth profile of all your dives. The diver monitoring system is suitable for monitoring critical parameters during dives. It collects, displays, stores, and reports data collected via sensors and provides a complete diving profile of the divers. The LARS load monitoring system alerts the operators in case the load exceeds the safe operating limits. 

Still, wondering what makes our electrical equipment the best? Go through the benefits listed below.

  • Real-time Display of Measurements: Our electrical equipment can provide you with all the measurements in real-time and allow effective monitoring.
  • Increased Safety: The diver monitoring system helps in increasing the safety of the divers during the explorations.
  • Easy to Use: Our products come with simple functionality and are easy to use.
  • Diverse Applications: Our equipment is ideal for use in shipping and marine environments, the lifting industry, and offshore environments.

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