UG: 4-Deck Camera Control Rack
UG: 4-Deck Camera Control Rack
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UG: 4-Deck Camera Control Rack


Unique Group’s 4-Deck Camera Control Rack is designed to power 4 x 12Vdc CCTV cameras. The Camera Control Rack has a 2U, 19inch rack form factor.
This Rack complies with the requirements set out in IMCA, ABS and DNV.


Each output is powered by a dedicated medical grade switch mode power supply providing galvanic isolation (no direct conduction path) between the supply and output to each individual camera.

The cameras are individually controlled via the control switches located on the front of the rack.


Power Source: 115 – 230 V ac 50 / 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 1.2 A / 115 V ac 0.7 / 230 V ac

Power Output: 12 V dc 3.7 A Max per Camera

Width: 483 mm, Height: 88 mm, Depth: 335 mm

The product weighs about +- 5 kg


Controlling of diver camera parameters remotely

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