UG: LARS Load Monitoring System (8-12 ton)
UG: LARS Load Monitoring System (8-12 ton)
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UG: LARS Load Monitoring System (8-12 ton)

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The primary function of Unique Group’s 8-12 ton Bell Load Monitor is to monitor the dynamic loads applied to a Bell’s LARS and to alert the operator when the loads have reached or exceeded the safe operating limits for the system. The system comprises of multiple interconnected components and equipment to operate.


The system measures, records and displays the parameters listed below:-

Real time load applied to the Main Wire Rope

Maximum Load applied since reset

Maximum damped load applied since reset

Bell distance travelled (Bell Wire Counter)

Clump Weight distance travelled (Guide Wire Counter)


Power Source : 100 – 240 V ac 50 / 60 Hz


Lifting industry

Onshore and offshore Wind Energy

Shipping and marine

Salvage and decommissioning

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