UG: Sound Powered Phone Call Rack System
UG: Sound Powered Phone Call Rack System
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UG: Sound Powered Phone Call Rack System


Unique Group supplies the Sound Powered Phone Call Rack System that provides two-way voice communication and calling functions between the saturation control room and up to 10 individual decompression chamber locks. The system complies with and fulfills the secondary communication system requirements.


The control racks presented in the device are each considered as plug-and-play devices.

Equipped with a programmable logic control relay.

The unit has ROM memory to secure and maintain software functionality when power is not supplied effectively.

The saturation control room operator can ring individual call stations via the Router Rack.

Connects up to 10 call stations.


Call Rack

Power Source: 110-240Vac 50/60Hz.

Power consumption: 1.2A/110Vac 0.7/240Vac.

Power output: 24Vdc.

Width:483mm, Height:88mm, Depth:35mm.

Weight: 8.2kg.


For voice communications in surface and saturation diving systems.

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