UG: Rack Mount Computer (19″)
UG: Rack Mount Computer (19″)
Diving + Life Support

UG: Rack Mount Computer (19″)


The Mecer rack mount PC offered by Unique Group contains robust industrial grade components designed for 24/7 operation. The tool-less top cover design makes it easy for maintenance and access. It comes loaded with Windows 7 operating software.


Liteon 24 speed DVD Writer

Intel Core i5 4460 – 3.2 GHz

Quad Core CPU 4 processor

Transcend 8GB DDR3-1600 memory

1 TB 7200 RPM 6 Hard drive


Width: 483 mm, Height: 88 mm, Depth: 505 mm

The product weighs +- 12 kg


Commercial diving control systems

Plant automation

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