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High-Performing GNSS Equipment from Unique Group

Unique Group is a leading provider of top-quality GNSS equipment at cost-effective prices. Our engineering experts focus on developing reliable survey equipment to assist users during their explorations. All the surface vessel equipment is designed with attention to safety and quality. Satisfying our customers and catering to their unique needs is our main goal.

Under the GNSS equipment category, Unique Group features products like the inertial navigation system, hydrographic data processing software, GPS/ GNSS receiver, attitude and positioning system, multi-GNSS smart antenna, and GNSS modular receiver. Our products are developed using the latest technologies in the industry and come with advanced features for greater performance. The inertial navigation system is useful for harbour mapping, seafloor mapping, and hydrographic surveys. The GPS/ GNSS receiver is suitable for positioning and navigation of the vessels. The attitude and positioning system is ideal for applications like marine laser scan surveys, shipping channel surveys, hydrographic surveys, and harbour inspections. 

Still, wondering what makes our GNSS equipment stand out in the industry? Consider the prominent benefits listed below.

  • Exceptional Performance: Our products are developed to offer exceptional performance under dynamic conditions.
  • Optimised for Diverse Environments: The hydrographic data processing software is well-optimised for all platforms and environments. It can perform optimally across platforms like land, air, and marine. It is also compatible with diverse mapping sensors.
  • Accuracy: All the products are manufactured with the best technology to allow the collection of highly accurate data.
  • Diverse Applications: The products are suitable for a wide variety of applications like seafloor mapping, hydrographic survey, satellite tracking, shipping channel survey, and offshore environmental and renewable energy survey.

Unique Group has a team of experienced engineers who are committed to helping customers with all their requirements. Need more information about our GNSS equipment? Connect with our engineers today and get all your queries answered.