Hemisphere® R330: GNSS Receiver
Hemisphere® R330: GNSS Receiver
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Hemisphere® R330: GNSS Receiver

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The Hemisphere R330 GNSS Receiver is a full solution product in a compact enclosure.It provides accurate positioning using several differential correction methods such as RTK, L-Band DGNSS, Beacon, and SBAS.


Runs Athena™ core GNSS engine offering improved initialization times, robustness in difficult environments, performance over long baselines and under scintillation

High-accuracy positioning in RTK, Beacon, and Atlas® GNSS corrections via Atlas L-band and internet

Fast update rate of up to 20 Hz providing the best guidance and machine control

Status LEDs and menu system make R330 easy to monitor and configure

Uses standard USB flash drive for data logging




Channels: 2-channel parallel tracking

Frequency Range: 283.5 to 325.0 kHz

Operating Modes: Manual, Automatic, and Database

Compliance: IEC 61108-4 beacon standard


Used for positioning in marine projects

Ideal for land projects

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