Trimble® Zephyr 2 Geodetic: Antenna
Trimble® Zephyr 2 Geodetic: Antenna
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Trimble® Zephyr 2 Geodetic: Antenna

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The Trimble Zephyr 2 Geodetic antenna has advanced technology for multipath reduction, outstanding low elevation satellite tracking, and sub-millimeter phase centre stability.


Optimized for GNSS base station applications

Robust low-elevation satellite tracking

Large ground plane for best multipath rejection

Sub-millimeter phase center repeatability


Dimensions: 34.3 cm diameter x 7.6 cm height (13.5 in diameter x 3 in height)

Weight: 1.36 kg (3 lb)

Operating temperature: -40 ºC to +70 ºC (–40 ºF to +158 ºF)

Humidity: 100% humidity proof, fully sealed

Input voltage: 3.5 V DC to 20 V DC


Ideal for fixed reference stations and GNSS infrastructure network

Outstanding low elevation satellite tracking

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