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Applanix POSPac MMS® and Go!®: Hydrographic Data Processing Software

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POSPac MMS 8.0 is a unique PP-RTX™ GNSS-aided inertial module that provides centimeter-level post-processed positioning accuracies without the use of local reference stations. This new method integrates Trimble CenterPoint® RTX technology into POSPac MMS.


By processing the data in both the forward and backward direction, the already converged solution from the forward pass may be used as a “seed” for the backward direction.

Robust acquisition of correction data

In PP-RTX mode, POSPac Go! expands the applicability of the tool yet further – with just an internet connection, centimeter-level Direct Georeferencing of

multibeam data is available anywhere, without reference to base stations or other infrastructure.


Each POSPac Go! subscription comprises a single seat floating licence and an authorization code for the associated

POS MV system, to be used as a pair.

operates on a PC running Windows 10 with a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 3 GB free hard disk space


Hydrographic survey

Seafloor mapping

Harbour mapping

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