Eiva NaviSuite Nardoa
Eiva NaviSuite Nardoa
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Eiva NaviSuite Nardoa

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The NaviSuite Nardoa is a cutting-edge, completely integrated 3D software solution for acquisition and processing of data during pipeline and cable route inspections.This proven, off-the-shelf software bundle allows you to save man-hours and money while delivering high-quality, thorough and comprehensive inspection results to your customers.Save man-hours and reduce the inspection time frame. The NaviSuite Nardoa solution allows for near-real-time processing of large data sets, thereby reducing the time frame of the inspection job to a minimum.The software does most of the work, and the man-hours of the team are spent more efficiently on the details that require a human hand. Altogether, this translates into a far more cost-effective inspection workflow. No limitations as to inspection setup. This open, modular solution supports all available software and hardware equipment for pipeline and cable route inspection.It is easily integrated into your existing inspection setup and equipment, enabling you to create the optimum tool box that fits your needs perfectly – using your existing equipment and thus saving money, or buying new equipment without having to worry about integration complications.

The NaviSuite Nardoa solution is built around a database network, making it a scalable solution to match your preferred setup perfectly. Multiple users can access and process the data
simultaneously, which vastly reduces the timeframe of the inspection job. Moreover, the team can be situated both on board the inspection vessel and on shore, depending on your specific needs and options. This renders the size of the team and their physical location an open choice rather than a hindrance. Add to this the possibility of combining the software bundle with whatever inspection equipment you prefer, and you’re guaranteed the resources spent on putting your new tool box together and into operation will match the desired level.

The features offered in the NaviSuite Nardoa solution will ensure a fast and flexible workflow and inspection results of the highest quality, saving you time and money. Through the possibility of near-real-time data processing, you can produce preliminary reports and thereby carry out on-the-fly data QC. This lets you know straight away if there is a need for recapturing and virtually eliminates the risk of insufficient or flawed data.

The software is applied throughout the inspection process, offering you a comprehensive and advanced tool, from video data providing an integrated view and eventing both during data acquisition and processing, to manual or automatic data cleaning and generation of digital models of seabed and pipe or cable in a 3D environment.

The NaviSuite Nardoa solution makes use of raw data throughout the workflow, offering you complete traceability and eliminating errors due to data conversion. This means that you can instantly compensate for data inconsistencies and sensor inaccuracies without having to step back in the process and you can export the data to any relevant third-party software.


The NaviSuite Nardoa provides a comprehensive acquisition and processing suite capable of logging, collating and processing all sensor data (visual and digital) during a Pipeline cable or similar subsea asset inspection.

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