Sonardyne Fusion 6G®: LBL Acoustic Positioning System
Sonardyne Fusion 6G®: LBL Acoustic Positioning System
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Sonardyne Fusion 6G®: LBL Acoustic Positioning System

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The Sonardyne Fusion 6G LBL Kit operates by measuring acoustic ranges to a seabed array of transponders. The ranges are then passed through a least squares computation to precisely trilaterate a position. As the system utilises a fixed seabed array, the system precision remains the same regardless of water depth.


Faster setup using new telemetry commands

Data storage and retrieval in Compatt 6 such as installed array coordinates

Real time signal diagnostics for critical application QC

Faster to calibrate using simultaneous baseline calibration

Over 600 non-interfering unique addresses for field wide simultaneous operations




System Accuracy: Subsea target tracking to centimetric accuracy independent of depth

LBL Calibration: Batched baseline and batched simultaneous baseline collection

Survey Inputs/Outputs: All industry-standard Survey telegrams and proprietary Sonardyne NMEA

Ranging Precision: Better than 0.015m

Array Size: 99+


Installing subsea structures

Tracking ROVs

Conducting acoustic metrology

Simultaneous baseline calibration

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