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HYPACK HYSWEEP®: Data Collection and Processing Software for Multibeam Sonar and Lidar Systems

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HYSWEEP® is the module for the collection and processing of multibeam, backscatter, LIDAR, water column data. HYSWEEP® requires a HYPACK licence. Tools for system calibration (Patch Test) make the set up simple to do. Online displays for real time CLOUD shows the system in operation.


Acquisition of backscatter, intensity and water column from multibeam sonars can be done simultaneously with the sounding data

Complete software package for acquisition and processing

Tools for data analysis include CUBE, Wobble Analysis, Beam Angle Test

Export to ASCII XYZ, LAS, Matrix file and custom format.

Data can be gridded to a dozen different methods, including average, mode, median, standard deviation and more


The HYSWEEP® ’ Patch Test allows you to determine the exact mounting angles for your system in hours, not days.

HYSWEEP® SURVEY provides you with coverage diagrams, real-time TPU displays, and QC tools needed to efficiently complete your multibeam survey.

The HYSWEEP® Water Column Logger allows users to ensure that hard targets, such as wrecks, are fully detected, and to confirm the least depth in the water when fine features such as cables or masts may otherwise be missed.

GEOCODER™, licensed from UNH-CCOM, allows you to generate mosaics and perform bottom classification from average backscatter and snippet data.


Water column data analysis

Multibeam survey

Full detection of hard targets

Generate mosaics and perform bottom classification from average backscatter and snippet data

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