QPS Qinsy: Survey Planning, Acquisition and Processing Software
QPS Qinsy: Survey Planning, Acquisition and Processing Software
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QPS Qinsy: Survey Planning, Acquisition and Processing Software


Qinsy is a survey planning, acquisition, and real-time hydrographic data processing solution, supporting a wide variety of industries, from simple single beam surveys to complex offshore construction works.


Precisely track the position of multiple defined objects in support of dredging and marine construction applications.

Acquire data from multiple sensors simultaneously.

Singlebeam, multibeam, laser, side scan sonar, magnetometer, seismic support, and sub bottom profiling.

Setup applications, object configuration, monitoring, visualisation, safety precautions, and reporting tools for dredging.

Datum transformation and geoid model support, EPSG database, and predefined transformations.



Multiple inputs (e.g. GPS, INS, tide, USBL, draft, etc.) for real-time positioning in 3D. Can be used in a Kalman filter.

View processed point clouds, bathymetric grids, and side scan sonar mosaic during their acquisition, for optimal qa/qc and “at-the-dock” product delivery.

Navigation display (layers:ENC, DXF/DWG, Geotiff ECW) multibeam displays, Numerics, profile display, and 3D displays.

Autonomous vessel support with mission planning, intelligent auto-line generation, and remote display and control.

Line planning, grid operations, volume calculations, plotting, and many more tools in support of all phases of survey.


Hydrographic and Oceanographic Surveys

Complete offshore construction and survey applications

Barge, tug and fleet management

Dredging monitoring and navigation

Electronic navigation chart production

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