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Fully Managed Satellite Communication Solutions from Unique Group

Unique Group offers satellite communication solutions used in the merchant marine industry. Our flagship product in the category is the Satcom Global Aura: VSAT. The satellite communication system is a high-performance scalable solution designed to meet and exceed the needs of the maritime communication industry. Satcom’s VSAT portfolio offers high bandwidth alternatives with autonomously managed Ku-Band.

In addition, the satellite communication solutions offer versatile L-band backup options with Intellian C700 and Innovative Ku-band hardware. With a guaranteed CIR for all packages, Satcom offers worldwide coverage for its organically growing, future-proof network with live HTS beams. Unique Group is committed to excellence which is why our engineers are committed to checking the product stringently at various checkpoints before it reaches our customers. Still, wondering what makes our Satellite communication solutions the best in the industry? Read on to find out!

  • Global coverage and operation in harsh marine environments: Our satellite communication system provides global coverage and operates in harsh marine environments, making it an ideal communication solution for shipping companies that operate in remote or challenging locations. This product is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring that it can operate effectively even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Multiple user access: Satcom Global Aura: VSAT supports multiple user access, allowing multiple users to access the internet and communication services simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for shipping companies that have multiple vessels and require a single, integrated communication solution.
  • Tracking and monitoring: Satcom Global Aura: VSAT provides tracking and monitoring capabilities, allowing shipping companies to monitor their vessels in real-time. This feature enhances safety and security, enabling shipping companies to respond quickly to any incidents or emergencies.
  • High-security standards: Our satellite communication solutions offer high-security standards, ensuring that data transfer and communication remain secure and private. This feature is particularly important for shipping companies that handle sensitive information and require a high level of security.

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