Dynamic Positioning Reference Systems



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Reliable Dynamic Positioning Reference Systems from Unique Group

Unique Group offers an extensive range of dynamic positioning reference systems for marine and offshore applications. We are committed to providing only the best quality survey equipment to our valuable customers. Sustainability and quality are at the core of everything we develop. The competitive pricing of our products also sets us apart in the industry.

The dynamic positioning reference systems we provide are a lightweight taut wire position reference system, a relative position reference system, ATEX certified transponder, prism sets, and laser rangefinders. The lightweight taut wire allows for capturing accurate data of the movements of the surface vessels with respect to the depressor weight’s position on the seafloor. The relative reference position system is developed for manoeuvring and ship navigation. The transponder is suitable for different applications that require a highly accurate and robust relative positioning system. The prism sets are ideal for offshore applications and vessels.

Still, thinking about what makes the dynamic positioning reference systems of Unique Groups the best? Consider the few benefits listed below.

  • Reliable Technology: All our products are developed using the latest and most reliable technologies to deliver top-notch performance and ensure accurate measurements.
  • Autodetecting Transponders: The relative position reference system comes with auto searchability. It allows the operators to easily search and identify transponders in much less time. 
  • Easy Operation: The surface vessel equipment provided by us is easy to operate and simple to install. So, no special training is required. 
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Our products are available to operators at competitive prices. The aim is to make the equipment easily available to the surveyors. 

At Unique Group, our survey specialists are ready to assist our customers and help them make the right choice. Need more information about our dynamic positioning reference systems? Connect with us today and get appropriate answers to all your queries.