Kongsberg RADius 1002: Relative Position Reference System
Kongsberg RADius 1002: Relative Position Reference System
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Kongsberg RADius 1002: Relative Position Reference System

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Innovative technology
The implementation is fully solid state and based on measurements of reflected radar signals from a number of passive transponders in the nearby area. Each reflected signal is mixed with a unique ID to separate different targets from each other. Advanced signal processing allows for simultaneous and continuous measurements to any practical number of transponders. RADius is designed for multiple users leveraging the same transponders simultaneously.

Multiple sensor heads
RADius can be deployed as an omni directional system utilising four sensor heads. These can be placed on suitable locations on the vessel, depending on the construction and operation. This provides full 360˚ signal acquisition as well as avoidance of blind angles, as there will be a sensor head at a receiving angle to transponders at all times, regardless of the vessel’s relative position to the RADius transponder. Signal processing will effectively remove possible interference with other transmitting devices in the same frequency band. Accurate Doppler measurements allow for rapid and reliable determination of relative velocities between the maneuvering vessel and transponders.

Operational features
RADius is capable of detecting and measuring accurate range and bearing to any transponder within the range of up to 550 metres, depending on the targets transponders. The direction from the interrogator to each transponder is accurately determined by the use of interferometric methods.

Ease-of-use HMI RADius features a highly intuitive touch-ready HMI developed in close co-operation with experienced DP operators. This HMI enables the operators to assess the quality of their positioning quickly and effectively during operation. For better visibility under different light conditions, the operator can easily select between a set of colour palettes, including a well proven night display.

Autodetecting transponders
Search and identification of transponders is easily done with the autosearch utility. Transponders are automatically detected and shown in the operator view. Wide opening angles
RADius has a vertical and horizontal opening angle of 100°. This secures stabile manoeuvring in close-by operations where the difference in height for the mounted transponder and interrogator can be considerable. Hence, it is not necessary to tilt the sensor head in any direction to obtain a signal.

A variety of transponders
Retroreflective transponders are mounted on the target which is to be approached. A variety of transponders are available, suitable for any operation that demands a
robust and reliable relative positioning solution.


Multiple sensor heads

Autodetection of transponders

Measuring and output of range and bearing

Wide opening angles secure close-by operations

No moving parts


DP range (depending on transponder type): Up to 550 m

Range accuracy: 0.25 m (1 σ)

Angle accuracy: 0.25° (1 σ)

Update frequency rate: 5 Hz

Latency: < 0.5 sec.


Relative positioning system developed for ship navigation and manoeuvring.

Used to communicate between different transponders

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