Retro Reflector: Prism Sets
Retro Reflector: Prism Sets
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Retro Reflector: Prism Sets

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The Retro Reflector 6 or 8 way Prism sets or Clusters are used to mount easily to a handrail (via V bolts supplied) on a Rig or Platform offshore and are used as a strong target for Dynamic Positioning , Laser scanning systems such as LTX1 Advanced DP Reference Laser and Guidance Navigation CyScan Laser System.


High accuracy performance for long and short ranges.

Easy to operate and simple installation.

Best equipment for short range dynamic positioning.

Can be used as a temporary solution or permanent fit in the vessel.

Comes with prism housings which are ‘O’ ring and ring thread sealed against dirt and moisture.


Power input: 90 V to 240 VAC, 50 Hz, (110 W)

Power to laser: 24 VDC

Distance measurement (Laser): Class 1 Laser

Angular measurement: Optical Encoders

Laser range: 1000 m


Used in vessels

Offshore applications.

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